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The 200x HP UK Convention's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
The 200x HP UK Convention

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Hello. . .is anyone out there? If so, can anyone answer this question about Lavendar Brown? [27 Nov 2007|12:26pm]

I'm trying to determine the following: does J.K. Rowling ever note the ethnicity of Lavendar Brown? The character is portrayed by a black girl in the movie "Prisoner of Azkaban," but now David Yates has cast a blonde, blue-eyed white girl to portray Lavendar in "The Half-Blood Prince," which raises questions as to why anyone would change the ethnicity of a character.

I have some HP readers who insist that Lavendar is described as a black girl by Rowling, but I can't seem to find it in the text (and I've scanned all seven books, which I've read at least two to three times for each book. . . )

Anyone who can help me with this question, well, thank you in advance and I hope to meet and see you at the upcoming Accio conference in 2008.
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[10 Aug 2005|11:38am]

A friend of mine plays in a pub quiz team, nothing very strange there of course!

Last night the snowball question of his particular quiz (which sounds a bit like catching the Snitch to me, extra points, but don't hold me to that) was 'Where was the Harry Potter conference held last weekend?' Of course he knew, but was the only one to do so.

Our fame has spread to Quiz questions now!
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[05 Aug 2005|04:21pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Okay, I will bite...alot of you seem to think I have missed the point, but please I would like to know. Take the topic of fanfiction and/or slash and tell me what would a programme/session be about? What would you talk about and why? How would you make it an acedemic discussion?

I go to these conferences hoping to learn something more about the books as a whole. So in a session on slash what about that session would teach me something useful about the story or the characters at the moment? And how would it get me closer to knowing what is going to happen at the end of the book?

I only ask because I don't understand what a formal programme on Slash would be about and am curious to know what it would be about. I can understand someone comparing religions to Harry Potter and things like that, but on a educational platform what would be gained from a session on Harry Potter slash?

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[03 Aug 2005|01:12am]

Disclaimer: This opinion is souly my own, based on my observation of what has been going on. My views are not the official view of the committee since I was not technically on the committee, however I did have a strong involvement with them and how things were organized. If you feel I have "missed" the point, then very well, just understand that this is the way I see things and the way some commentary is viewed by some of us who think that Accio in all ways was fantastic and the most fun I have had in ages--and are saddened that this topic has tried to dampen the spirits of what was a great experience. I wouldn't trade my trip for the world, and like I said, this is my view, not representitive of the organizing committee.

slash backlash...Collapse )
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Thank you [02 Aug 2005|10:52am]

[ mood | grateful ]

After planning to respond to the Summoning from the instant I heard about Accio 15 months or so, it's hard to believe it's over. I had a fantastic time - I've contributed some (hopefully) constructive criticism on the feedback form, but my main 'complaint' is that the weekend was too short. Obviously a long weekend is risky to arrange for the first time, when demand is uncertain, but hopefully next time there'll be enough confidence to go for it. :)

Usually I find myself griping about administrative niggles at events like these, but there everything went smoothly (from a mere attendees point of view). I've organised events myself - though not on this scale - so I have some idea of how much work must have gone into the preparation and day-to-day troubleshooting to make everything work so well. So my thanks to the committee, the volunteers and the speakers - you did a great job. Roll on Accio 2007: if my life doesn't take an unexpected twist in the meantime, I'll be there.

And for those of us who can't wait, there's the GoF release to look forward to. Several of us were talking about arranging a meet-up - please see my post here if you're interested.

Oh, and for those who haven't yet seen it, the Guardian article is here.

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BBC News [01 Aug 2005|02:59pm]

Just in case anyone didn't notice this on the BBC News site we were all highbrow Professors and Academics. Quite right too!
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Accio 2005 No Image Icons [27 Jul 2005|11:39am]

[ mood | excited ]

, ,
20 in all. Some are inside jokes, appologies if you don't get it.Collapse )
Accio2005Icons Photobucket

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Friday times? [12 Jul 2005|08:01am]

Sorry to post this here as well as on the Yahoogroup, but I'm just getting no answer there, and my post hasn't been taken off moderated status yet.

Could someone please give us an idea of what time the conference opens on the Friday, please?
We need to book train tickets this week, (after Thursday, the price will rise) and we don't want to get there too early to find that there's no one around and we're stuck hauling bags until someone shows up.
It's not like we can actually leave our bags anywhere, in the current climate, without getting them detonated by the bomb squad!

I did check the website, but couldn't find anything on there either, except on the forum where the same question was asked weeks ago...with no reply yet!

OH, congrats on the article in the Mail on Sunday, btw, it only made us all sound slightly loony compared to other articles I've seen:)
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Purely Potter Party planned at Interaction (Worldcon weekend after Accio) [06 Jul 2005|11:08am]

Hi everyone

Is anyone else going to Glasgow for Interaction, the weekend after Accio? The reason I ask is that I'm planning a Purely Potter Party at the event, to discuss the new book (& the old ones). I'll book & pay for the room & get publicity, but would really like someone to co-host it with me (and help set up), as I'm really busy doing work at the con.

If you're interested, either email direct (l_zinkiewicz AT yahoo DOT com) or respond to this plea.

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Accio Day Members! [04 Jul 2005|08:14pm]

Due to popular demand, Accio is pleased to announce that on Saturday 30th July it will be opening its doors to all interested adults.

Day tickets for Accio will be valid from 9am to 6pm. During this time, you will be able to join the conference and therefore have the opportunity to listen to presentations, pester panelists, and talk about Harry Potter with other like-minded people.

Included in the £75 admission fee will be the Accio welcome pack, a CD copy of the conference proceedings together with mid-morning and afternoon tea and coffee and a sandwich lunch.

Day members may also wish to stay for the Feast. Please direct all enquiries about this to register@accio.org.uk

Creative Writing Events

We have important information for all those budding authors out there.

Accio members are invited to enter an original short story competition, which will be judged by conference delegates. For details, please see http://www.accio.org.uk/competition.shtml.

Elizabeth Kay, author of The Divide trilogy, has kindly agreed to run a Creative Writing Workshop during Accio, in addition to her keynote presentation. The Workshop is entitled “Writing for Other People’s Children”. Places are very limited, so please register your interest as soon as possible by writing to submissions@accio.org.uk (or whichever e-mail address)

Accio UK is the first conference of its kind in the UK and will be held at Reading University from July 29th-31st 2005. It is an unofficial, non-profit making, friendly event that will bring together academics and adult Harry Potter fans to discuss all aspects of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series.

Please note that day tickets must be purchased in advance.

For further information please see our website: http://www.accio.org.uk. Details of how to register can be found here: http://www.accio.org.uk/registration.shtml

This conference is an unofficial event and is not endorsed or sanctioned by Warner Bros., the Harry Potter book publishers or J.K. Rowling and her representatives
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Press Announcement: End of registration approaches... [12 Jun 2005|06:23pm]

Accio 2005 would like to remind you that if you prefer to take part in late night bar discussions without that irritating worry of 'where was my hotel again?' - the deadline for registering for the full weekend, with an on-campus room, is fast approaching. After 30th June we'll have to ask people to find their own accommodation.

So if you don't want to be looking for a taxi cab when everyone else is just telling the painting the password, book now.

Accio 2005 is an unofficial friendly event, bringing together academics and adult Harry Potter fans to discuss all aspects of J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter books. Planned events include a Grand Jury style trial of Snape, workshops, presentations, panels, speeches, games, a feast, and the aforesaid informal discussions into the wee hours. Remember, this will be your first opportunity to discuss Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince with fellow fans and interested professionals.

Accio 2005, the first Harry Potter conference in the UK, will take place at the University of Reading over the weekend of 29 - 31 July, 2005. For more information, please see our website at http://www.accio.org.uk./
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Art Department: Updating Avatars & Ads [09 May 2005|04:48pm]

Ola! I am at present updating all the Avatars and Ad banners for Accio 2005 so that they include some kind of disclaimer. That being said, all the icons found in the Accio2005Icons Photobucket will undergo some updating this week. All the Avatars in the ACCIO-UK Photobucket have been updated. All the ads excluding one have been updated to include the disclaimer. When all of the Accio2005Icons Photobucket icons are updated you will be informed, so that you may upload the new versions of the Avatars. In addition to this I plan to be adding more Avatars to the batch.

A new desktop wallpaper is being constructed. And for those of you whom are interested the results of the Contests are up (and have been for over a week now, sorry). Okay that is all at present. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Cheers!
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Announcing..... [22 Apr 2005|10:47am]

[ mood | excited ]

Our latest Press Release.

We're excited and confident you will be too!!

Accio UK is delighted to announce Professor Edmuund Kern as a guest speaker for the Accio 2005 conference....Collapse )

Accio is also delighted to invite all its delegates to participate in its show Trial of Potions Master Severus SnapeCollapse )

Register for the conference and you can join in!!

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T-shirt & Cover Contest is now closed [02 Apr 2005|01:23am]

Contests are now closed. Voting and the means of how to vote will be posted on April 5th.
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Design Contest Draws to a Close [31 Mar 2005|11:14pm]

You have less the 24 hours to get designs in for both the T-shirt and the Programme Cover
Thank you for those of you who have submitted. Good luck.
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Accio On Radio Scotland.... [29 Mar 2005|06:59pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Accio UK The first UK Harry Potter Conference will be discussed on Gary Robertson's Show tomorrow Wednesday 30th March 2005, between 10.00am and 11.30 am BST on 92-95 fm or 8.10 mw or at this link...


Listen in, e-mail in with support or comments about coming to Accio.

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Accio UK makes the News... [28 Mar 2005|06:36pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Accio UK has been in the news this week, firstly in the Telegraph...


Accio UK was also in the Daily Record...


Serena Culfeather the Accio UK press Officer was also on Radio Foyle in Northern Ireland and she was brilliant.


Hopefully it will get on the archive so that you will be able to listen to Serena defend why adults like HP.

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Any accomodations at Accio swaps? [24 Mar 2005|02:26pm]

Not sure if it's ok to post this here. No offense if so. Wondering if anyone has got a residential (en suite pref.) that they'd like to swap with me, if so, I'd be up for purchase. Please post or email me (synchestra_duende@yahoo.com).
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